Counterfeit Checks

Members of Industrial Credit Union and other local financial institutions have reported receiving counterfeit checks from various sources. The checks may come from Craigslist, job postings, online lotteries, auction websites, etc. The sender will ask the recipient to deposit the check and then wire back a portion of the funds.

The checks will often have a memo of “Certified Cash,” “Instant Cash,” “Authorized Cash,” etc. Though the check may look very real, it is counterfeit.

If you are selling goods online, do not accept a check for more than the purchase price – and never wire money to a stranger. Do not reply to any job posting that requires you to wire funds or pay fees to get started; no legitimate job will ask you to do this.

If you believe you have received a fraudulent check, do not communicate with the sender. You may bring the check to any Industrial CU branch for verification.

For more information about fraudulent check scams, please click here.

Warning Signs

  • Someone is offering you “free money” in exchange for you wiring money to them. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Someone offers to pay you more than asking price for something you are selling online.
  • A person you have never met asks you to wire them money for health expenses, to take care of their family, or to flee a foreign country.
  • A job posting asks you to wire money to them for training or start-up costs.
  • You win a sum of money and the person who contacts you says you must pay taxes or fees on your winnings by wiring funds from a check they give to you.