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Money Management

Money Management inside of Online Banking allows you to analyze your spending, set goals, create a budget, as well as view account balances from other financial institutions. The best part is, it’s completely free and easy-to-use.

Financial Calculators

Calculate how much your payment would be on a loan, find out how much interest you’ll really pay and see how much you could save each month by switching your mortgage to a 5-year balloon.

Foreclosure Assistance

If you are facing the possibility of foreclosure on your mortgage with Industrial Credit Union, we stand ready to try to help you avoid losing your home.

Financial Counseling

Industrial Credit Union is committed to providing our members and community with sound, responsible financial tools and advice.

Banzai Financial Literacy Program

Industrial Credit Union is proud to partner with the Banzai Financial Literacy program to provide important financial education tools to teachers in our community.