ATM Security Tips

Here are some tips for staying safe while using an ATM:

  • Protect your PIN; memorize it and do not write it down on anything you carry with you, (especially on your debit card).
  • Do not allow others to use your cards (or know your PIN).
  • Take someone with you if you must make a transaction at night.
  • Trust your instincts whenever using an ATM; if you sense something is wrong, leave the area immediately.
  • Be sure to take your card and receipt with you at the end of your transaction.
  • Keep receipts and monitor transactions on your account (via Online Banking and/or your monthly statements.)
  • If you feel you may have compromised your card in any way, visit the nearest Industrial CU location or call to cancel the card and order a new one.

Walk-up ATMs:

  • Have your debit card ready when you approach the ATM. Once you have completed a transaction, leave the ATM site (avoid publicly counting cash that you have withdrawn; count your money when you are safely away from the ATM area).
  • Stand directly in front to shield the display screen, keypads and transaction information from the view of others. In addition, consider using your hand as a shield when entering your PIN.
  • If someone is attempting to view your transaction, or help you with your transaction, hit cancel and leave.
  • Do not use an ATM if the lights are out or you see suspicious activity.

Drive-up ATMs:

  • Survey the ATM area and the physical ATM for anything suspicious.
  • Keep your car doors locked, other windows closed and engine running.