Donations & Sponsorships

Industrial Credit Union is proud to support many local organizations and events. You may send sponsorship and/or donation requests in writing to Your request will then be reviewed by a committee to determine whether support will be available for your request.

Due to the overwhelming number of requests we receive, all requests must be received in writing to and be accompanied by a completed Donation Request Form. No requests will be considered without a completed Donation Request Form.

All requests for monetary support will be evaluated equally. Please note that our Community Investment Policy is not exhaustive, nor is it a guarantee that funds will be granted to all organizations and/or events that fit the criteria set forth in the policy.

Industrial Credit Union is proud to support many local organizations, events and initiatives.Due to the limited funds available for donations and sponsorships, it is our goal to give to organizations and events that will have the widest impact.

Therefore, Industrial Credit Union cannot provide support for the following types of organizations or events:

  • Organizations or events outside of Whatcom County
  • Events or groups which benefit only religious or sectarian purposes
  • Those deemed controversial or potentially controversial
  • Political events or organizations
  • Those which have already received funding during the current calendar year
  • Individual athletic teams
  • Fundraising pledges to an individual
  • Scholarship programs such as pageants
  • Club sport fundraising, such as travel or equipment expenses

Please submit donation requests a minimum of 90 days before you intend to utilize the requested funds.

You can access our Donation Request Form here.