Financial Counseling

Industrial Credit Union is committed to providing our members and community with sound, responsible financial tools and advice. That’s why we’ve partnered with industry-leading BALANCE to provide you with free access to expertly-crafted financial education and resources to help with your fiscal health.

Should you need, BALANCE can assist with confidential, no-cost financial counseling services to help you develop a sensible budget, manage spending, and reduce debt. For all your financial life stage changes and more, Industrial CU is In Your Corner.

Our partnership with BALANCE provides options for you to get the financial education and counseling you need.


Online Tools: Access financial education anytime you need it. Increase your know-how with articles, financial calculators, videos, checklists, quizzes and more.

Webinars: Attend free money management webinars. Learn the basics of financial planning, and create a future of security and opportunities.

BalanceTrack: Learn the basics of personal finance with the BalanceTrack educational modules.

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Financial Coach Hotline | (888) 456-2227

Accredited financial counselors can work one-on-one to help you address issues including home buying, debt management, and credit report reviews.

  • Speak with professional financial coaches & housing counselors
  • Multilingual
  • Confidential
  • Answers to a variety of personal finance-related questions
  • Free & unlimited*

This counseling is specialized to suit your needs. Topics include:

  • Money Management
  • Debt Solutions
  • Credit Report Review
  • Student Loans
  • Identity Theft Solutions
  • Homeownership

To start working with a financial counselor, please call (888) 456-2227.

*The resources advertised here are free and unlimited for Industrial CU members to use. In certain unique financial situations, your BALANCE counselor may recommend specialized counseling that bears an additional cost. In this case, you will be notified of the cost up front and it is completely your decision whether to pursue that specialized counseling.