Our Promise

You wish it would all just go away. The endless bank fees, the frustration, and those horrible phone trees. What if we told you that you have the power to change all of that – would you do it?

Well it’s true, there is a better way to bank (and it can save you money in the process).

We’re a group of down-to-earth people who are serious about putting people over profit, saving you money and making banking easier. Instead of focusing on profits, we are creating services and loan programs that cater to what our members want.

We know you might think switching over will be a headache, but you can kiss your frustrations goodbye in about the time it takes for you to finish your cup of coffee.

Your coffee is waiting; visit a branch today!

When you become an Industrial Credit Union member, these are the promises we make to you:

  1. You can trust us with your finances, because we’ll always remain guided by people, not profits.
  2. We’ll never forget that you’re a person, not a number – because when it comes to relationships simple things matter most.
  3. We’re always striving to enhance the value of your membership, because you work hard out there. Your money should work hard in here.
  4. We provide extended hours and accessibility options, because banking should be done on your schedule.
  5. In a world full of confusing financial situations and decisions, we’ll make it easy.
  6. Unlike some other financial institutions, we’re dedicating to providing service with no hoops, no gimmicks.