If your credit score is less than ideal, don’t be discouraged; there are things you can do to improve it and we can help.

The first thing to know is that there’s no magic fix for bad credit. Despite the advertisements you see that promise to fix your credit problems and erase any negative history you may have, the truth is that you can’t buy a bandaid for poor credit. The good news is that there are ways to repair your credit and they don’t start with a cheesy late-night commercial.

Start by reading our tips on maintaining credit – this will help to understand the factors that influence your score the most and the actions you can take.

Next, take advantage of our financial counseling services. Industrial members have access to tools and personalized advice that can help you decide how to proceed and what steps to take to begin repairing your credit. This service is completely free for members and just one more way we’re In Your Corner.

For more information on credit repair from the Federal Trade Commission, click here.