Manufactured Homes on Leased Land

Looking for an affordable option to call home? Whether you’re downsizing for retirement, searching for your first home, or just looking for a reasonable housing option, Industrial Credit Union offers great loan options for manufactured homes in parks in Whatcom County.

Loan Highlights
  • $750 origination fee
  • No prepayment/payoff penalty
  • Local service through Industrial, we don’t sell our servicing
  • Contact Industrial for questions regarding eligibility of specific homes

For rates for manufactured homes on land, see the Overview tab.

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Please Note: Rates are adjusted daily.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Expresses the total cost of the loan, including both the interest rate and applicable up-front fees, as a rate. Calculation based on an assumed loan balance of $300,000, points/credits as noted, and up-front fees of $1,000. Assumes no delay in funding nor any delay in initial payments.

Payment Example for a 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage: For example: if you take out a $450,000 loan with a 30-year term and a fixed rate of 8.750%, you would make monthly payments of $3,540.15. *This payment example does not include taxes and insurance.

*Industrial Credit Union does charge appraisal and title fees which may vary.

Rate Points/Credits Rate Position APR*
8.375% 1.500% Borrower Pays Points 8.594%
8.500% 0.750% Borrower Pays Points 8.637%
8.625% 0.250% Borrower Pays Points 8.708%
8.750% 0.000% Par Rate 8.805%
8.875% -0.125% Credit to Borrower 8.917%