Land Loans

Shopping for a piece of property for future plans?

Find and finance the perfect piece of land with help from Industrial Credit Union.

Loan Highlights
  • $750 origination fee
  • No prepayment/payoff penalty
  • Local service through Industrial, we don’t sell our servicing
  • For Construction Loan Rates, see the 30 year rate table on the Overview tab

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Please note. rates are adjusted daily.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Expresses the total cost of the loan, including both the interest rate and applicable up-front fees, as a rate.

Payment Example: if you take out a $150,000 loan with a 20-year term and a fixed rate of 9.000%, you would make monthly payments of $1,349.59. This payment example does not include taxes and insurance.

A One-Time Close/One-Step loan means that the mortgage can be used to close both the temporary construction loan and permanent financing of the new home at the same time.

Term Interest Rate Fee APR
20 Year Fixed 7.875% –10.125% 0.25%-1.25% 8.042% – 10.453%