Mastercard Program Perks

We’ve brought the Industrial credit card program in-house, with new and exciting Mastercard benefit options and the local service you’ve come to know and love!

Here’s what this change will mean for you:

In-house Service

All credit card information and transactions will be handled directly by the credit union in-person, over the phone or within Online Banking. Payments will post in real time and credit card information will be part of your regular monthly statement.


Credit card loans, purchase info and payment history will display in online banking just like your other Industrial accounts and loans. Statements will close at the end of the calendar month, with payment due by the 25th of the following month.


Payments will apply in real time when made in online banking, over the phone through our Call Center or in person at an Industrial branch.

You can now set up automatic payments to your card within online banking.

Payments will be due by the 25th of the following month with a two day grace period before late payment fees are assessed.

Instant Issue

We’ll order your first card for you, but after you’re set up in our system you’ll have the option to replace a lost or stolen card in just minutes at any Industrial branch with Instant Issue.


Headed out of town or abroad for a trip? Enjoy your trip without the sting of exchange fees -we’ve removed International Transaction Fees from our credit cards!

Fraud Alerts

You’ll still have the 24/7 fraud monitoring, but all disputes or questions can be handled by the Industrial team.


Looking to redeem your Cashback Rewards? Rewards cash will show up the next business day after making a purchase and can be redeemed through online banking or within our mobile app.

Even better, your Cashback Rewards do not expire!

Cash Advances

Need cash on the run? You can advance your total credit limit at any one time.