As a condition of membership, you must purchase and maintain the minimum required share. Each account is opened with 1 share of $5.00. This is not a fee paid to the Credit Union, but must remain in your account for the duration of your membership in order to remain in good standing.
Checking Account Fees
Cancelled Check Copy (2 free) $1.00 per check copy
Checking 360 $10.00 per month
Epic Checking $5.00 per month
Essential Checking $2.00 per month (fee waived with eStatement)
If Minimum Balance Not Met $5.00 per month
Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) $25.00 per item
Overdraft Transfer $1.00 per overdraft
Stop Payment $15.00 per stop order
Money Market Account Fees
Excess Transaction Fee $10.00 per transaction
If Minimum Balance Not Met $10.00 per month
Other Service Fees
Account Closure $5.00 (when account closed within 90 days)
Account Reconciliation $15.00 per hour
Account Research $15.00 per hour
Account Research Trip Fee $25.00
ATM Card Fee $5.00
Bad Address Fee $5.00 per month
Cashiers Check $1.00 per item
Convenience Checks $1.50 per page (4 checks per page)
Deposited Returned Item Fee $10.00 per item
Dormant/Inactive Account Fee $5.00 per month (waived for childrens’ accounts)
Foreign Draft $2.00 per item
HSA Account Opening Fee $25.00
IRA Enrollment Fee $10.00
Loan Payment by Debit Card $5.00 per payment
Online Bill Payer $5.95 per month (free w/ eStatement enrollment)
Returned Item From Your Account $20.00 per item
Returned Statement Fee $5.00 per month
Statement Copy Fee $5.00 per copy
Wire Transfer Fee – Outgoing Domestic $10.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer Fee – Outgoing International $25.00 per transfer