When deciding who to trust with your finances, consider this:

  • Industrial Credit Union is a local not-for-profit credit union. Any profit we make is paid back to you (our member-owners) in the form of better rates, lower fees and convenient services and hours.
  • When you bank at Industrial Credit Union, you own the credit union. Have you ever been treated unfairly at a bank and wished that there was someone to listen that actually cared? As an owner, you get to decide how we run things. Go ahead – tell us what you think about our service and rates.
  • You have the right to vote for your volunteer Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee. In fact, just like representing your neighbors on the city council, you can run for a seat at the credit union. Each credit union member has equal ownership and one vote, regardless of the amount you have on deposit.
  • We were founded here in Whatcom County over 70 years ago by your family and friends; and are still owned by your family and friends.
  • All of our employees live and work in the local community. We understand your needs, because we share the same experiences, shop at the same stores and live in your neighborhoods.
  • Our philosophy of “people before profit” means that we are here for you, even during difficult economic times. It’s okay to ask us for help.
  • At Industrial Credit Union, we are In Your Corner with products, services and solutions to fit your unique situation. We understand that every person has different needs, and we work hard to provide personalized service that benefits you.

With so many reasons to choose a CU, we want to know yours! Tell us below why you Credit Union.