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Scam Alert: Amazon Purchase

Industrial Credit Union members have reported receiving scam calls claiming to be from Amazon, the credit union and/or the FTC. These calls are new spin on a phishing scam the FTC has been reporting for several years.

The scam caller initially claims to be from Amazon and is calling regarding fraudulent Amazon purchases. The fraudsters attempts to extract sensitive information by asking the recipient to ‘authenticate transactions. ’If the member then refuses to give the scammer information, the call is followed by another scam call from a similar area code claiming to be with ’Industrial’s headquarters,’ or the FTC. Do not call any numbers provided by the caller or press 1 to connect to a ‘live agent’ and do not give out your personal information.

Industrial Credit Union will never contact you asking for your full social security number, credit or debit card numbers or other sensitive information that we already have on file. If you are suspicious about the authenticity of a call, hang up, look up the contact information for the business/caller independently, and call back using that information. No legitimate service agent will be upset that you want to verify their information.

For more information, visit the FTC online here.

If you suspect you’ve revealed sensitive information to a scammer, contact our Call Center at (360) 734-2043.