Purchase Rewards

One of the free features included with Industrial’s Online Banking is Purchase Rewards – a program that saves you real money with personalized cash-back offers.

With Purchase Rewards you can earn cash back for everyday purchases by simply using your debit card. There is no limit to the cash back that you can receive, and with an average of seven personalized offers per month, there are plenty of opportunities to earn. Purchase Rewards is free and easy to use; simply choose which offers to load onto your debit card, make a qualifying purchase with that card, and then receive your cash back at the end of the following month.

You can access Purchase Rewards from your Online Banking home page or your account history page.

Your cash-back offers are personalized based on your unique spending patterns, and the more you use your debit card, the more offers you will receive.

For more detailed information about Purchase Rewards, log into your Online Banking account today.