IndustrialCU is Local, Safe and Secure

While the recent news about bank failures is certainly concerning, credit union members can breath a sigh of relief. As we’ve shown during past recessions and economic shifts, credit unions are resilient and capable of weathering all manner of trying financial times. Though we provide many similar products and services, credit unions are much different than banks. Credit unions are cooperative, not-for-profit financial institutions grounded in our connections to our members and communities. For more information on the safety and soundness of credit unions click here.

While we may be sailing choppy economic waters, Industrial Credit Union is well capitalized and well positioned to meet the needs of our members now and for years down the road. Our focus on supporting the financial needs of Whatcom County residents means that we have a significantly smaller percentage of uninsured accounts than certain banks that focus on venture capitalists or cryptocurrency interest groups. As a member of Industrial Credit Union, you can rest assured that your funds are safe and secure.