"Blocked Card" Text and Phone Scams

Within the last week our partners at CO-OP Financial Services have received reports from participating credit unions about an increase in phishing scams targeting members.

CO-OP reports that the scams are taking place both via text and over the phone, with scammers attempting to convince members that their debit or credit cards are temporarily blocked. The fraudsters then attempt to extract sensitive information from members as a means to ‘authenticate or unlock’ the card. After obtaining the personal information the scammers then use that information to access the cards and change PINs or travel notifications before using the card number to make fraudulent purchases or withdrawals.

Now more than ever it is important to be cautious about your sensitive personal information. As a reminder, Industrial Credit Union will never contact you asking for your full social security number, credit or debit card numbers or other sensitive information that we already have on file. If you suspect you’ve revealed sensitive information to a scammer, contact our Call Center at (360) 734-2043.